By now you probably guessed that SoloMacello Fest is a heavy music festival, that's in Milan and that's going to take place on Tuesday, June 26th at Circolo Magnolia. Well, you are very much right.

We've been getting quite some requests from abroad about how to get to SoloMacello Fest. Sorry we didn't provide that earlier but apparently the word's been getting out so here we go. We tried to keep the festival a secret so no one comes and we stay trve - but no cigar.

Ideally, if you're flying in, you should try and land in Linate: you can literally WALK from the airport to Magnolia.
Otherwise you can read below if you're coming by train on landing anywhere else - so proceeding from Stazione Centrale.

-From Milano Centrale station: go to Duca D'Aosta stop (the biq square in front of the main station entrance) and take bus number 60 (towards S. Babila / Corso Europa). Get off the bus at the cross between Corso Ventidue Marzo / via Cadore .

-From Corso Ventidue Marzo (across the street)take bus number 73 (towards Aeroporto Linate) or 73X (towards S. Felicino). Bus 73 stops at Linate Airport, 73X proceeds to Peschiera Borromeo. Ask the driver to let you off at Magnolia. There's also a free shuttle bus from Linate (183) which proceeds towards Magnolia. Again, just ask the driver to let you off at Magnolia.

If you're coming by car:
Take Tangenziale Est and exit at Linate. Follow directions to the airport: you're on Viale Forlanini. Then, before entering the airport parking area, turn left towards Novegro/Idroscalo, then turn right at the first roundabout: you're there.

One last thing: if you want to book a hotel that's REALLY close (a ridicolous 3 minutes walking distance) to the festival site you can check here:

For any further info drop us an email at and we'll be glad to get back to you as soon as possible provided you can recite Obituary's discography in reverse order with no Google help. No, really.